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Our story

The Restoration Center is a collaboration of businesses that are owned and operated by Thomas Colo and his son, Christopher Colo.  As President of The Restoration Center, Thomas handles all the operations of his multiple automobile businesses from used auto sales, service and repair to autoglass, autobody, and small engine repair.  
Chris Colo, an Electrical Engineer and President of MC Electronics, sells and services a variety of commercial electronic equipment, such as: indoor tanning equipment, electronic ballasts and  exercise equipment (lifecycles, treadmills, rowing machines), hydrotherapy massage systems, as well as police, fire and rescue vehicle lighting, and security surveillance camera systems.
While father and son have separate companies under one roof, they collaborate, consult and support each other’s activities. Founded in 1991, The Restoration Center was founded during one of America’s lowest points in economic history since the Great Depression. Despite this challenge, Tom and Chris were determined to forge ahead with their business plan.  Today their perseverance has resulted in a successful venture serving local, regional, national and international customers. 
The Restoration Center is more than the name on our building; it is a concept based on the restoration of: American values, entrepreneurship, initiative, innovation, quality products, first class service, hard work, and customer satisfaction.